November 20, 2018

November: Music and Ocean

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Hello fellow teachers,

I have just come back from a week-long diving trip in Wakatobi, Indonesia. It was one of the best dive trips I have experienced so far and I want to share it with you.

We all have heard this: Without music, life would be a mistake. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s true, we can’t imagine a life without music. Imagine if we replace the word “music” with “ocean” – without ocean, life would be a mistake. Or even worse, life wouldn’t be able to exist.

In listening to a piece of music, we often analyze the counterpoint. We listen to the harmony, the chords and triads. We listen to the structure, how it begins and develops. We listen to the melody, figuring out the theme or motif and its association with a particular mood or character. We listen to the orchestration, identifying specific groups of instruments to particular parts of the piece that create the overall mood. Just when we think the music is ending, it takes you through key changes, a new theme, and its development. We listen in stillness, acutely aware of all the detail and are willingly taken away by its magic.

The ocean is just like music.

Now let’s imagine the ocean as an orchestra. As you enter the sea, the eerie and mystery of the blue sapphire water is carried by the cello, joined by the violin representing the corals. Soon you have a close up encounter with clown fish lurking and jumping around from the sea anemone reflected by the xylophone. Then you hear the flute, illustrating the sheer awe and wonder as a sea turtle glides along. Out of nowhere the sounds of timpani followed by the rest of the orchestra all come together as the school of hammerhead sharks swim gracefully just a meter away from you. And we are hung, motionless, letting the sea creatures swim around us, mesmerized by its magic.

Healthy oceans and coral are all of those elements which create a healthy beautiful and sustainable Earth. Ocean is the lifeblood of our planet earth, much like how music is to us.

On a side note, we are currently working on teaching videos that would be useful for our teachers. Hopefully we can release them by January 2019. Also, stay tuned for the next email update as we have Christmas deal that you definitely do not want to miss. 


Meilyani Angsana


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