How to use the book

The Wonderful Musician can be used for individual or group lessons. The first series of The Wonderful Musician book consists of two books. Book 1 has 19 chapters with 14 accompanying tracks. Book 2 has 18 chapters with 11 accompanying sound tracks. All tracks can be streamed or downloaded songs at:

The songs in Book 1 are all pentatonic melodies: sol-mi-la and mi-re-do notes sequence. In Book 2, students will learn new notes: F, G, A and B. Progressing from pentascales in Book 1, students will learn the C major scale, using the notes in different intervalic patterns.

Every chapter that includes a song, has a track icon. It is really up to you if you want to read the story or listen to the track first to get into the mood of the story. It is highly encourage to go beyond what is written in the story by, for example, asking the children what they see, what they think of the story, and so on.

Next it is time to teach the young beginners to sing the song along with the recorded track. Once they get the hang of the lyrics, get them to sing while clapping to the beat. By this time they will be familiar with the song and will be ready to play it on the piano.

The expected end result is that young beginners will be playing piano and singingconfidently – with or without the accompanying track.

To sum it up, the learning sequence goes like this:

Read story -> listen to the song -> sing along -> clap to the beat -> play the piano + sing

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